You can use your UNI-SOPRON ID to access IT Services provided by the University of Sopron. (Eduroam, Office 365, EduID)
The UNI-SOPRON ID is generated from your Neptun ID by appending the text @uni-sopron to it. (If your Neptun ID is ABC123 your UNI-SOPRON ID is ABC123@uni-sopron)


Your Neptun password and UNI-SOPRON ID password are independent from each other, if you change your Neptun password, your UNI-SOPRON ID's password stays the same, and vice versa.

The UNI-SOPRON ID is case insensitive, you can use either ABC123@uni-sopron.hu or abc123@uni-sopron.hu).


You can change the password of your UNI-SOPRON ID at https://admin.uni-sopron.hu .
Web page: https://admin.uni-sopron.hu
Username : Your UNI-SOPRON ID (pl ABC123@uni-sopron.hu)
Password: the default password is the date of your birthday, in YYYYMMDD format. (for example: 19960430)


If you can't log in, contact the Support.